Cedric Price, Anticipating the unexpected, Magnets.

October 29, 2012

Towards the end of 1996 Cedric Price explored seven projects on the theme of anticipatory architecture, which were published in Architects’ Journal of 5th September 1996. This publication was followed by an exhibition called ‘Magnet’, arranged by The Architecture Foundation held in London from 18th April to 8th June 1997.

There is hardly any point in writing anything as an explanation or summary for Cedric Price, a difficult enough task for expert architectural writers, but in my inadequate hands it will be nothing short of a disaster. My thank to AJ and Kester Rattenbury for borrowing the abstracts from their writings.

6 Responses to “Cedric Price, Anticipating the unexpected, Magnets.”

  1. Archiblog Says:

    Great stuff from CP!
    PS You have spelt unexpected wrongly – sorry!

  2. mncasabella Says:

    indeed, great stuff… and incredibly inspirational
    just a practical question, do you happen to know who should i contact in order to obtain the right to publish in a research report one of the images you posted here? (i’m referring in particular to the MAGNETS image with the London location and the 10 prototypes on the left-hand column, and a body of text on the right-hand column)
    thanks a lot!!!

    • winslowhub Says:

      Reply sent via Email. Thanks.

    • Archiblog Says:

      I’m thinking one should approach the Cedric Price Estate for permission to publish items – maybe via Eleanor Bron? Alternatively, one might ask Samantha Hardingham – she seems to know a lot about Cedric. Can you let us know if/when you find out, please?


      PS CP told me that he had no objection… “as long as due acknowledgement was given to the original conception.”

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